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Computer Child Discovering The UniverseI want to give special thanks and give full credit for others sharing there artwork, designs and ideas that help make this site possible. I appreciate everyone's time and talent that went into the work and information that is displayed on this site. I hope that you will agree and visit their sites to see all of their work. If anyone sees
something on this site that I have not given full credit to the owner, Contact Me and I will comply with the owner's wishes right away. As I add more information and artwork to my pages. I will continue to add credits here, so check back often.
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Licenses Purchased for Image Use from the following:
Indigo Storms Designs featuring
Artwork © Jacqueline Hamilton
Child Computer Image and Background Image on this page
are from Dreamtime.Com
Information on the Law of Attraction
and The Secret come from the following sources:
The Secret Official Site
The Teachers of the Secret
Jack Canfield, Joe Vatele, James Ray, Hale Dwoskin
Bob Doyle, Bob Proctor, Mike Dooley, John Assaraf,
John DeMartini,  Michael Beckwith, Lee Bower,
Lisa Nichols and Rhonda Bryne .

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