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Oprah WinfreyThe Secret On Oprah
Oprah hosted a show Dedicated to The Secret.
It  aired on Thursday February 8th.
Among her guests on her show were some of the teachers from The Secret. She will be having Rhonda Byrne, the producer, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nicholes, Dr Michael Beckwith, and James Aurther Ray. They discussed
The Law of Attraction and how it can work in our lives. They also provided hands on tools from these wonderful teachers that can change viewer's  lives positively. This was a huge production and The Secret's Message will spread even more. Many more people will be able to share The Secret's Abundance and have their lives change in a wonderful direction. I received this message via e-mail from James Arthur Ray. I was very moved from watching him on The Secret so I subscribed thru his Email list. I receive valuable information, you can too.
Here is his Website address...check it out
His contact information is below:
James Ray International
2386 Faraday Ave Carlsbad,
CA 92008
Phone: (760) 476-9077
Fax: (760) 476-9074

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