Universe Of Abundance

The Secret

Have you heard of the Secret?
Millions of People have.
It is a movie that can transform your life into a wonderful and joyous one.
If you haven't seen it, then you are in for a wonderful experience.
I recommend it highly.
It transforms lives. There are many stories of this fact but, I can only tell you how it is transforming mine.
My life is so much better and richer than I could ever have imagined.
It always has been, but now I know it and I am living an abundant life that is rich and full.
I feel better about myself than I ever have.
And I also have anything that I want in my life. It is absolutely amazing.

My introduction to the Secret was from my sister.
We were at a family reunion and I kept talking about how people were treating me.
I was also worrying that I would not be well accepted in my family.
I told her that even people who have only known me for a very short time, start acting the same towards me.
I complained about the same things happening in my life everywhere I went.
My sister said to me
"You have got to see The Secret."
I will never forget the way she said it to me.
I asked what it was about, and she explained it to me a little.
I had no idea what it was really all about.
I didn't know why, but I was very excited to find out. I just knew it was something good.
I could feel it.
As soon as I got home and was unpacked, I went to the Secret Website.
and watched the movie right there on my
You can do that for just $4.00. It was so worth it.
I have since purchased the Movie on DVD and the Audio Book...Which I highly recommend.
What I have come to realize thru watching the Secret and listening to the Audio Book is this.
What was happening in my life had nothing to do with the people that I came in contact  with.
It was all about the energy that I was sending out. I was Attracting everything that was happening around  me because I kept thinking that I was being treated a certain way.
Even though I didn't want this, I attracted these people and circumstances  to me with my constant thoughts and feelings about it.
I didn't even know that I was doing it.
I was unaware.
But the effects of my thoughts and feelings were creating my world.
A world I didn't really like so much.

What has happened in the few months since I have known about the Secret and have applied it in my life is incredible and amazing.
My life is completely turned around and I am so very happy. I am so Grateful for all that I have.
I am surrounded by happy, loving and caring people. In fact most people that I come in contact with wherever I go, are pleasant and kind.
What I have gained the most of is Joy and Happiness. I feel good.
Also, I have received more money in ways that I could not have imagined and It just keeps coming.
My self confidence is better than it has ever been.
I believe in myself and know that I truly am capable of doing anything. I Love who I am and know that I am a Spiritual Being.
My feelings on The Teachings of the Secret is that it is for the good of all living things.
I think what Lynda Bryne has shared with the world is so magnificent.
Her Audio Book is very well done and I have learned so much from it. It has really contributed to my understanding of the Secret.
Thank .you to all of the Teachers that contributed in The Secret, to the Secret Team, and of Course to Rhanda Bryne who I  really am so thankful for all that you have shared so freely.
My Gratitude and Appreciation is Humble, but is Heartfelt. Thank You ! Thank You !